How much do they cost???

How much do they cost???

Have you ever thought how much a typical costume can cost for a movie? Well, think no more as they can run into thousands, even hundreds of thousands. When you think that the recent Marvel movie ‘Endgame’ grossed over 2.25 billion worldwide within its first two weeks. Then you could begin understand how they cost so much. Just the Black Panther costume alone cost over €250,000 to produce. So imagine how much a whole wardrobe could cost to produce and the amount of trust you must need to put in the crew that are responsible for looking after the outfits.

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Well, just recently Hyland were tasked with moving a shipment of costumes that were worth well in excess of 1 million euro, not quite at the level of Marvel’s costumes, but a huge responsibility never the less. The entire wardrobe was moved from our facility in Dublin safely across to Madrid, Spain.

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