Beyond Brexit: Ireland, a safe and profitable business bet

Beyond Brexit: Ireland, a safe and profitable business bet

Ireland is much more than clovers, harps and symbols

Up until now, the United Kingdom has been one of the main economic and business powers of Europe. However, Ireland is following closely in its steps and is becoming a great power, whose effort and tenacity is already creating impact at the global level. Unfortunately, it seems that Brexit is inevitable, but it is generating great business opportunities to and from the Republic of Ireland, a country from which has a lot to offer the European market.

Dublin is currently the European headquarters of dozens of startups and technology companies such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Amazon or Paypal. Along with these, there are ten of the largest global pharmaceutical companies and other companies with a presence, such as Ryanair, Oracle, Boston Scientific and Diageo. As we can see, the business ecosystem of Ireland is very appealing. That is why other European manufacturers and companies rely on raw materials, products and services from this territory to complete and/or improve their offer.

In which sectors does Ireland stand out?

The Irish economy is the fastest growing one in Europe today because of its innovative business network. This network invests a large amount of resources in research and development, which lends to the fact that it has become a global technology center. This has created a culture of entrepreneurship and these different factors have made Ireland the ideal place to invest and collaborate.

The Irish economy is based mainly on technological products and services, financial services, the development of chemical and medical and pharmacological products.

Some products, like raw materials are native to Ireland, therefore we have nothing to fear as they do not come from the United Kingdom. The island of Ireland is a historical benchmark in the mining sector. The main mining raw materials are zinc, steel, lead, aluminum and silver, among others. Ireland is also known for its energy resources, especially for oil and gas. Although it is also gaining traction for the development of renewable energy resources, such as solar, wind and hydroelectric energy.

In addition to this, thanks to the climatic conditions and the terrain of the island, agriculture is of vital importance in Ireland. Its meats, dairy products, cereals and potatoes are the main exported materials. Along with these it is also a benchmark in the production of mushrooms, a product that due to its delicacy is mainly exported to the United Kingdom.

Beyond the raw materials, the “Irish Brand” is also known for:

Guinness and Murphy’s

Both brands of dark beer are two of the best known and recognised in Ireland and internationally. With centuries of history the classic stout can be enjoyed today in practically every corner of the world and even taste in cocktails and original recipes such as cakes and stews.


Ryanair call themselves “Europe’s No. 1 Airline”, and that’s no wonder. More than 30 years of history and 142 million travelers, more than 2,000 daily flights, 226 destinations and operations in 37 countries.


Butters and Kerrygold cheeses crossed the Irish borders decades ago. The brand is synonymous with sustainability and unmistakable flavor.

We know that we leave many great brands in the pipeline and we are also aware that, thanks to the logistics and transport services of Irish companies all these products and raw materials can reach different places in Europe and the world without losing any of its quality. Therefore, we are sure that the next time you taste, use or know a product or service of Irish origin, you will not see it in the same way.

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