A mature tipple

A mature tipple

Daily deliveries from around Europe

It wouldn’t come as any surprise to find out that large European Wineries with production in excess of 100,000 cases of wine routinely export to markets around the world. However, what is surprising, is that a growing number of smaller wineries, some producing well under 20,000 cases of wine per year are undertaking the logistics of shipping to Ireland themselves.

For these wineries, the major concern is ensuring that they find a company that not only specialise in the movement of wine, but also to have peace of mind that their delivery arrives on time and in pristine condition. With our core business model steeped in our interest of the wine business, our position as market leader for the movement of wine to Ireland has spread globally. As a result we find ourselves in the unique position that we deliver for all major and minor wine importers, as well as everyone in between.

Our end to end journey applies a multimodal approach that encompasses the following:

Land Leg  =>  Sea Leg  =>  Land Leg  =>  Urban Delivery

At each stage we understand the challenges and opportunities around the separation of vehicles into primary, secondary or tertiary activities. By listening to our industry stakeholders in the context of the end-to-end journey we fully understand all the various challenges from our customers to logistics operators and retailers alike. This knowledge has enabled us to stay ahead of the competition and also allows us to provide the best cost solutions based on economies of scale.

Value: Excess of €10,000 daily
Turnaround time: Less than one day

Weight: Each pallet weighs just under 1 Tonne