MRI en-route to Portugal

MRI en-route to Portugal

Medical scanning machine for Portugal

Medical scanners provide health care workers with the tools they need to enhance the efficiency of medical care. Some are quite simple while others, like MRI scanners, are more complex and combine different technologies. However, they are all crucial for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illness and disease. In today’s health care environment, the focus is very much on the early detection of diseases for both diagnosis and treatment. So, it didn’t come as a very big surprise when we were approached and asked would we be in a position to move an MRI scanner from Ireland across to Portugal.

With a piece of medical equipment valued at over €500,000 ensuring that vibration testing was carried out was vitally important. For example, could the components and subsystems survive being moved around or transported from place to place and furthermore, how would it cope with the different temperatures and humidity conditions?

Our solution was to map out the multimodal journey and evaluate the challenges and opportunities that each leg would uncover. This in turn would show where any potential weaknesses could be exposed, thus allowing us to put the preventative maintenance processes in place. The equipment was suitably repacked and boxed in preparation for its transportation. In total, it took one week to ship it safely over to its final destination.

Value: €500,000
Turnaround time: 6 Days

Weight: Approximately 2 Tonne