Top 10 cargo airports in the world

Top 10 cargo airports in the world

Cargo airports

In a previous article we have already talked about the most suitable means of transport for each type of product, including the airplane. This week we will review the most important airports on the planet for transporting both travellers and goods.

Considering the costs, air transport is no longer the most expensive form of transport. However, it does sit in the middle when choosing things like; high volume, sensivity of goods, such as live animals or luxury goods and medicines, as well as urgent merchandise. In fact ,according to the data recently published in the IATA 2019 Annual Report, in 2018, the demand for air cargo increased by 3.4% with respect to the previous year.

When it is a destination in perfect condition ready to be marketed or received by the final customer.

Do you know which are the top 10 most important cargo airports in the world?

We might think that the airports with the highest passenger traffic in the world are also more important at the air cargo level, right? However, we would be very wrong because the fact of being a large modern airport with large volumes of travellers, does not mean that it is the best option when moving of goods.

We already know that the ten most important international airports for travellers is formed by Atlanta, Beijing, Dubai, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Chicago, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Paris. However, this has nothing to do with the key airports for the transport of goods by air.

The 10 most important air cargo airports in the world are the following:

  1. Chek Lap Kok (Hong Kong, China)
  2. Memphis (Tennessee, USA)
  3. Shanghai-Pudong (Shanghai, China)
  4. Incheon (Seoul, South Korea)
  5. Ted Stevens Anchorage (Alaska, USA)
  6. Dubai (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
  7. Louisville (Kentucky, USA)
  8. Taiwan Taoyuan (Taipei, China)
  9. Haneda (Tokyo, Japan)
  10. Los Angeles (California, USA)