For more than 35 years, Hyland have been providing multimodal solutions for the transportation of freight across a variety of industries. Our services cover a wide range of oversize cargo, ranging from transport solutions for the agri sector, to the professional sports industry.

As experienced freight forwarders of oversize cargo, we understand the challenges that todays importers and exporters face. Due to the fact that no two shipments are alike, we offer tailored logistical solutions to meet the transportation needs of each individual customer. Anticipating problems that may arise and adjusting accordingly is something we have perfected over the years, something which less seasoned competitors may not be able to deal with as effectively. Limited shipping options and an industry-wide higher cost mean that the transportation of these large shipments can be stressful. At Hyland, we blend our highly skilled personnel with the latest logistics technology to offer you a reliable, cost-effective solution to your oversize cargo needs.

What classifies a shipment as oversize cargo? If your cargo won’t fit in a 40 ft container well then it officially falls into the oversized category. Our customised solutions can meet your exact requirements, so weather you need a flat rack or a bespoke solution, we can adapt our services for you in order to deliver a seamless experience.

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