Over the past 35 years, Hyland have developed a thorough understanding of the FMCG sector, in particular the supply chain opportunities and challenges that face the consumer goods coming into the country. Similarly, Ireland’s strong food reputation has aided the development of it’s world class environment which supports FMCG exports, which is also accompanied by it’s own set of logistical issues.

For years we have been providing flexible and innovative solutions to the industry. Our experienced team of specialists are always prepared for the highly dynamic nature of the industry and able to adapt to market changes that may arise due to the high rotation rate of these consumer products. We operate under responsive and agile management to ensure the linear availability of those products at all times, no matter where the location of the supply sources. We offer a multimodal approach to enhance the speed and costs of the transportation, and this combined with our fast transit times and reliability help you stay on top of this highly competitive environment. We can help you gain a competitive edge by ensuring you can respond quickly to changes in price and demand. In addition, traceability and visibility are equally important for product flows and ensuring uninterrupted goods supply, which is why our advanced track and trace information systems are in place.

The high growth FMCG sector relies on partners who can offer a high quality service, and our  temperature controlled solutions help hold us to this standard. Our end to end solutions, from the supplier to the retailer promise speed, reliability and most importantly agility. For more information on the logistic solutions we can offer you, get in contact with us today.

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