Olympic Circuit for Irish Sailing Association

Traversing the hemispheres

Where do you start when you need to move a fragile cargo from one side of the world to the opposite and furthermore, when you need to traverse from one hemisphere to the other. Well that’s just the challenge that the Irish Sailing Association had when they needed to move their fleet and equipment so that Ireland would be in a position to compete on the Olympic circuit. James and his team needed a company that wouldn’t let them down, one that would review all the possible schedules, challenges, opportunities and put in place a plan for moving the fragile cargo that they could follow through to the letter of the law.

“This was a complex challenge that required centralised control, visibility into our industries processes and collaboration with our various stakeholders, so that we could meet any impending issues head on”
Tino Hyland, Managing Director, Hyland.

With varying load sizes, heavy freight and tight deadlines, Hyland needed to have centralised control, scalability, and a visibility into processes so they could better manage and measure transportation execution. Some shipping locations involved daily transportation planning and execution, whilst other locations required the management of third-party companies. However, without paying this the proper attention, it could lead to significant process and procedure inconsistencies. Furthermore, whilst carrier usage within lanes is defined periodically through corporate routing guides, this usage isn’t always controlled or measured. Therefore procurement contracts and carrier negotiations had to be managed tightly so Hyland could retain control of the carrier relationships. Add the seasonal weather changes to this and you can understand how complex an undertaking this really was to move such a fragile cargo.

When you can be subject to the backlash of the media because you operate on the ‘world stage’ there is no room for error and during the four year tenure, Hyland met every deadline. Furthermore, this removed any stress the crew in the Irish Sailing Association could have suffered due to delays or damage during transit, leaving them to concentrate on what they did best . . .

Value: Excess of €170,000
Turnaround time: 48 Days


Over the last 4 years we used Hyland for the transport of our boats and equipment enabling us to compete on the Olympic competition circuit. Hyland have handled the movement of our equipment to and from regattas throughout the world. Tino and his team are experts in handling, loading and securing of fragile cargo. We found their service and communication to be excellent and would recommend their services.

James O’Callaghan
Irish Sailing Association Performance Director
ISA Olympic