What are the most challenging logistical dates throughout the year?

What are the most challenging logistical dates throughout the year?

Most challenging logistical dates

Throughout the year, businesses, shops, brands and companies, both physical and eCommerce, face different ‘relevant’ moments that represent a logistical challenge in every sense.

We know that one of the timeframes that produces the greatest sales volume throughout the year is Christmas. But, did you know that during St.Patricks week sales of green garments multiplies exponentially? And that Black Friday sales have grown by close to 25%. As a result about 6,200 million dollars are invoiced to the United States?

In the following paragraphs we will outline the times of the year that represent the greatest logistical challenges:

Valentine’s Day

Personalised gifts, flowers, jewellery and plush toys. February 14, Valentine’s Day is a festival of Christian origin for which millions of couples from all corners of the world celebrate their love by spending large sums of money. The figures don’t lie; according to Google’s estimates this year the Spaniards were the lovers who have invested the most in a gift to show their love. In fact, last year Google recorded 3.7 million searches related to Valentine’s Day.

St. Patricks Day

Ireland’s patron’s day is not only celebrated in our territory it is already part of the tradition of many other countries. On March 17, in addition to being a marked date for the consumption of beer among friends, Irish music, parades and various celebrations, it is a day in which cities are dyed green. That is why during that week sales figures for green garments skyrocket and reach astronomical figures.

Father’s Day and Mother’s Day

The day of San José, a new Christian celebration for the celebration of all fathers’ day in the world, together with Mother’s Day, are some of the most endearing days of the year. And brands know very well how to prepare special gifts and gift packs with promotions that appeal to feelings for the most important organisation for all: the family. If we think about the number of homes that populate the EU and we calculate around 15-30 euros per gift. We will be talking about really important figures which are then reflected in the increase in the business of the logistics companies whose work is focused on making that each gift arrives on time and in the best conditions to its recipient.

Single Day

On November 11th the celebration of the antithesis of Saint Valentine takes place. The Day of the Single as it’s known may not yet be a date so famous in the Western World but we are clear that it does represent one of the biggest logistical challenges of the year in countries like China. Last year Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant, billed more than 30 billion dollars on the Day of the Single, a figure not at all negligible.

Black Friday & Cyber ​​Monday

Black Friday & Cyber ​​Monday are two dates that were born in the United States and are already established internationally. They represent the prelude to the Christmas campaign since both days are celebrated at the end of November and thanks to them the buyers manage to save more budget for their gifts of Santa Claus and in the case of countries like Spain also of Kings. Last year, compared to 2017 Americans spent 24% more on their purchases during Black Friday.


During the month of December, the stores stock up on merchandise in order to cope with Christmas shopping. It is the time of the year which higher spending occurs at all levels so that logistics companies must be prepared to meet the needs of their customers.

Sales Period

Although after the liberalisation of the discount periods in 2012 the months that we knew as “sales” have faded slightly in the calendar, in pursuit of the “mid season” and other moments of offers. It is worth bearing in mind that both the winter season and the summer season, sales are at the highest volumes during the year.

Seasonal changes reflect the need for buyers to buy new clothes to keep warm or to enjoy their summer holidays. Although it is not an exact date logistics operators must always have the months of January, February, June and July in mind to be able to assume this last logistical challenge.

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