A classic Vintage

Vintage tractors on the move

When you hear names like Fendt, Deutz, Steyr and Newark you would be forgiven for not knowing that they are all part of a classic vintage breed of ‘Traktor’ or tractors. With Germany being the home of some of the best vintage tractors ever made it’s also no wonder that Ireland, as an agricultural based nation, would have its fair share of enthusiasts who take great pride in collecting and showcasing these fantastic machines.

With every one of the vintage tractors weighing anything from 8 to 10 tonnes (minus the typical payloads) you can begin to imagine what the total weight of a fleet of vintage tractors would be like and also what the logistics of moving such a large cargo could be. That said, on an ongoing basis we transport tractors from Germany into Ireland.

On one particular occasion, we were extremely privileged to be asked to move a fleet of vintage tractors across to Ireland as part of an exhibition and then we returned them once the event was over.

Typical value of each one of the Vintage Tractors : In excess of €60,000
Turnaround time for the exhibition : 4 Days